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The CHAMPION of breed  


On November, 11th, 2009 in our house there appeared ELISEY, rare colored red-point cat. It was born on July, 26th, 2009. Elisey is brought from the Moscow  cattery. The kitten is very tender, likes to sit on handles, rubs a muzzle. In December, 2009 Elisey participated in the International exhibition of cats. 2 days has been nominated encore. In the North-West it is the one red-pointed male cat.


Elisey`s Grandfather

On a fatherly line - of Gvidon (Nursery "Altair")


Elisey`s Grandmother

On a fatherly line - of Anzhelika (Nursery "Altair")


Cat from a family tree of RFPO "Korgorushi" (Regional felinologic public organization) Moscow. The father of a cat is Joe-Dassen Altair, seal-point, mother - Sofi, torti-point,  with club "Korgorushi" family trees.

The courageous, cocky, playful cat rushes on the house, as the fury. Perfectly feels in any new place, sociable. Likes going by car, absolutely is afraid of nothing, very curious. 
Has begun the exhibition career since 4 months. Fascinates experts fine exhibition by temperament, showing to everything as he is able to play public and represents itself from different sides.
  The most ridiculous that Elisey "steals" socks, mittens, a cap and runs with them in teeth on all flat. And one more interesting feature - Elisey is able to "bark", it only sounds especially unusually as it is faster "meows" here so: - "meow, meow", but it seems that it "barks". It is very ridiculous. Well, he is the real mekong! To all told it is possible to add that a cat very tender. And, certainly, brought up, as well as it is necessary to a thoroughbred cat!


Diary of Elisey

Exhibition date. Class. Experts. Results.

On December, 26-27th 2009 International exhibition "My tender and gentle animal". CFC "Lybimece". Class "KITTEN". Okulov I. - an estimation "ЕХ-1". Nom "BIS". Fedorenko E - an estimation "ЕХ-1". Nom "BIS". 

On September, 25th, 2010. The international exhibition "Cat of the Polar region". CFC "Pusi-Musi". Class "CAC". Smirnova D. - an estimation "ЕХ-1". A title "CAC". 

On October, 23-24rd, 2010. The international exhibition "Autumn of the Polar region". CFC "Lybimece". Class "CAC". Gusev I. - an estimation "ЕХ-1", the Title "CAC". Flegontova N. - an estimation "ЕХ-1". A title "CAC", 24. 10. 2010 - WCF RING ADULTS - 6 place. Have closed a title of the Champion of breed.



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 The cattery owner:  

Kozyuberda Julia Viktorovna 


e-mail:  juliana_999@mail.ru

  Felinology system: WCF CFC "Pusi-Musi"   
 President: Elena Ignatevskaya

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